• Download Browzar

    Release: Version: 2.0 Release date: December 23, 2008
    File name: BrowzarSilver2000-98.exe

    Also available in ZIP format: BrowzarSilver2000-98.zip (203k)
    Run or Save Browzar

    When the window pops up asking what you want to do with the file called BrowzarBlack2000.exe you can either click 'Run' to open Browzar immediately or click 'Save' to your computer or memory stick, where you can run it from there.

    When you run Browzar you might be asked to confirm that you sure you want to run the Browzar software. Click run. There is no installation required, Browzar will simply open and take you to the Browzar Start page.
    Security Settings

    If you have Internet Security running on your computer, when you run Browzar you may see a pop-up which tells you that Browzar is attempting to access the Internet.

    You will usually be asked what you want to do. In the example above Norton Internet Security will suggest 'Allow always (recommended)'. Choose this option and click 'OK'. With other Internet Security software, select the option worded similar to this.